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Man Dead After Police Chase, Gunfire, SWAT Response


Police said an officer shot at someone after a Wednesday morning car chase that ended on the city's southeast side. That man was found dead inside a home after SWAT crews headed to the scene to get involved.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) said the police chase began at Brookside Park after undercover officers doing surveillance noticed a man acting suspiciously.

The officers asked dispatch to send a park ranger to investigate. Police said the man gave evasive answers to the ranger's questions, and the ranger noticed a smell of alcohol coming from the man's car.

The man rolled up his window and sped off from the park, with the ranger following, police said.

IMPD cruisers joined the chase and were led to a home in the 3800 block of South Franklin Road.

Police said the man fled into the house and told officers he had a gun. Officers reported they could hear the sound of the man racking the slide of a gun, so they fired one shot through an open window.

The man was found dead in the home. Investigators were initially unsure whether he died from his own gunfire or from the officer's gunfire, but it was later determined that the officer's shot was fatal.

Police said the man did have a gun, as he'd told them.

Officials haven't released the name of the man, but they said the registration of the car he was driving, the information on his drivers license and the address of the house he fled to all match up.

Police said the man is believed to have been on probation for a charge of driving while intoxicated.

The officer who fired the fatal shot will be placed on administrative leave while IMPD and the prosecutor's office conduct an investigation.


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