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Bond Plan Rejected by City-County Council Tucked Into Transit Bill

Amendment turns to state to borrow $187M for road repairs, sidewalks


Democrats are crying foul over an amendment to a central Indiana mass transit bill that puts the legislature in the middle of a fight between Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and the City-County Council.


Last year, a council committee turned down Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's request for $130 million in bonds to continue the city's sidewalk-building and road-repair blitz. The transit bill now awaiting action in the Senate would let Ballard instead borrow the money from the Indiana Finance Authority, the state agency which issues bonds for state buildings and loans money to local governments for water projects. The bill would let Indy repay the bonds out of existing excise and wheel taxes.

Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) says the legislature has no business sealing off part of the city-county budget from council oversight.

Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) says his constituents want better bus service, but not at the price of what he says would be taxation without representation.


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