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IU Professor Says Putin Using Olympics As Propaganda


Vladimir Putin (file photo)

An Indiana University Professor says the Olympic Games in Sochi are enabling a virtual dictator.


Public Policy Professor Les Lenkowsky questions whether the International Olympic Committee should have granted the games to Sochi given human rights abuses and political turmoil in Russia. Lenkowsky says the world community is essentially awarding President Vladimir Putin. He says Putin is trying to persuade the world that human rights abuses aren't happening and that the real Russia - with the Olympics - is currently on display to the world.

Lenkowsky says he doesn't think that terrorism will be a big issue at these Olympic games because the Russian government won't tolerate security breaches. Ultimately, he says the Russian government is aiming to present itself as an ultimate player on the world scene.

Finally, Lenkowsky says despite Putin's multi-billion dollar investment, much of the world, including the Russian people themselves, will see the spectacle as produced by Sochi as nothing more than propaganda.


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