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Deliberations Resume in Camm Trial


The southern Indiana jury deliberating the fate of former state trooper David Camm resumes its work today to determine whether Camm killed his wife and two children in 2000.

The case went to the Booneville, Ind. jury Tuesday morning, and the panel worked late into the evening before calling it a night. Jurors were sequestered, and will stay together until a decision is reached.

In closing arguments, Prosecutor Keith Henderson told the jurors that Camm was molesting his daughter, Jill, and that his wife had discovered the activity and planned to leave him. The prosecutor says that was the motive for the murders.

But Camm’s attorney Katherine Liell calls that claim “character assassination”. She says Camm was never charged with sexual abuse. The defense claims Camm was playing basketball at the time of the murders, and presented witnesses to support that.

A co-defendant in the case, ex-con Charles Boney, has been convicted the murders. He and Camm blame the other for the killings.

This is Camm’s second murder trial. He was convicted of the murders the first time, but that conviction was overturned by the state appeals court. The court said the trial judge was wrong to allow evidence that Camm was having an affair because it could have prejudiced the jury against him.

Camm was acquitted of conspiracy to commit murder in the middle of the current trial, because the judge determined the state had failed to prove any conspiracy between Camm and Boney.

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