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Indy Super Bowl Organizers Off to Tampa


A group from the 2012 Super Bowl host committee is traveling to Tampa, Florida as officials observers, gathering information to aid in the planning for when Indianapolis hosts the big game.

Host Committee President Allison Melangton says the group will have more in-depth access to parties, functions and planning than they had before as potential host bidders.

The group includes public safety personnel who will be embedded with the Tampa Police Department to learn the ins and outs of keeping the city and visitors secure.

Others in the group will have access to larger-scale parties for observation on what the event is and how it is hosted, including a large scale "tailgate" party the night before the game.

Melangton says she plans to meet her counterpart from Detroit while there. She says Detroit is the only other "urban" host city in recent memory with the stadium facility and all other accommodations right in the heart of downtown.

The host committee will have the opportunity to attend each Super Bowl as official observers between now and the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

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