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Camm Will Be Tried for Murder a Third Time


It will be the State of Indiana vs. David Camm for a third time.

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson announced Thursday that he'll re-file murder charges against David Camm in the killing of his wife Kim and their children Brad and Jill at their Georgetown home in 2000.

Henderson says a third trial will be a challenge, and expects a judge to be conservative on what evidence he allows to be presented.

The Indiana Supreme Court ordered a third trial because they said Henderson argued improperly during closing arguments that Camm had molested his five year old daughter Jill.

Henderson is confident that other evidence, including blood and tissue splatter, will be enough to get a third conviction.

An attorney for Camm says she is not surprised that her client will be facing a third trial.

Stacy Uliana says attorneys expected the decision and have been preparing for a third trial since Camm's conviction was overturned this past summer.

Uliana questions whether Henderson is the right person to be making the decision.

She's requested a special prosecutor, citing a book deal that Henderson was involved in. Henderson says he pulled out of that deal as soon as Camm's conviction was overturned in June.

Uliana is hoping the next step will be a hearing on the motion for a special prosecutor. If one is appointed, Uliana believes that person would have to revisit the decision on whether to have another trial.

Attorneys will also be asking that bond be set for Camm as he awaits a third trial.

Frank and Janice Renn, the parents of Kimberly Camm, told reporters they're not emotionally ready for another trial but will face whatever it takes to put Camm behind bars.

Camm's uncle, Sam Lockhart, says he sympathizes with the Renn's, but says David is innocent. He says a fair trial will find him not guilty.

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