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New Scam Targets Diabetic Hoosiers


A new scam is targeting diabetic Medicare beneficiaries across Indiana, according to the Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging (IAAAA).

Scammers have been telephoning beneficiaries from a Florida phone number (737) 786-9211, claiming to be from Medicare or what sounds like "Med-care". Complaints of similar calls have been reported from every area code in Indiana.

The callers initially seem legitimate because they already know the beneficiary's name, doctor and medical condition. Reports say each caller has a foreign accent and offers diabetic testing supplies, heating pads, back braces and free blood pressure testing supplies.

"The danger", says Tamra Simpson, program director for SMP, also known as Senior Medicare Patrol, "is that the caller asks if the beneficiary has 'the red, white and blue card', then for the Medicare number on the card and the maiden name of the patient's parent. In some instances, the caller also solicits the patient's date of birth."

The SMP urges patients not to release any Medicare or personal information and to be aware of this and similar scams.

If you have received a call similar to this or suspect Medicare fraud of any kind, patients are asked to contact the SMP at (317) 205-9201 or your local AAA at (800) 986-3505.

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