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Motorcyclists Attempt To Meet With Lt. Governor


Dozens of motorcyclists traveled from Kokomo to the Indiana Statehouse Wednesday to honor the man killed by an accused drunk IMPD officer.


The ride and rally for motorcyclist Eric Wells and his family ended with the bikers attempting to have a meeting with Lt. Governor Becky Skillman about the way the case has been handled.

Motorcyclist Jewell Perkins says that meeting never materialized.

"She was out, so they asked us to make an appointment and come back and see her," Perkins said.

The incident involving Officer David Bisard has generated widespread public outrage. Some residents accuse IMPD with staging a cover-up to protect a fellow member of the force.

"The good ol' boy syndrome needs to be done away with," Perkins said.

"If you're a police officer and you're supposed to protect and serve, then protect and serve and don't cover up for your buddy that done something wrong."

Bisard tested twice the legal limit for alcohol, but his blood test was thrown out due to a technicality.

Eric Wells' mother, Mary, recently sent a letter to both Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels condemning the actions of the investigation so far. She did not attend the Statehouse rally.

Bisard has since been suspended from IMPD without pay. He is still facing serious charges, including reckless homicide, for the accident that also seriously injured two other motorcyclists.


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