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Special Prosecutor to Look Into Candidate's Alleged Voter Fraud


Hamilton County Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp plans to appoint a special prosecutor to look into alleged voter fraud by the Republican candidate for Secretary of State, Charlie White. And her chief deputy says that appointment will come soon.

"I've got some phone calls out right now, looking for prosecutors who are willing to accept the case," says Jeff Wehmueller.

But the election is only a little more than 30 days away. The special prosecutor must review the evidence. And a grand jury must be seated.

"And 30 days is very slim timing for something like this," says Wehmueller.

Leerkamp could take the case herself, but Wehmuller dismisses that possibility.

"Because they are of the same party, it would raise an appearance of impropriety," he said. "And questions would be raised about the objectiveness of the decisions made by our office."


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