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IMPD Releases Bisard Report


A review of the crash involving IMPD Officer David Bisard has been released.

» Click here to view the full report on the investigation.  (PDF, 47 pages)

IMPD Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham compiled three separate reports into one and says the report finds the scene should have been handled as a crime scene, not just a crash scene.

The investigation found that items were taken from Bisard's vehicle, people were roaming around the scene and that the police cruiser was towed before an inventory was done and that it was towed to an unsecured location.

The blood draw was also improperly handled by a non-certified technician. The state law indicating who can take a blood test in such a case was changed in March 2010. The change in the law was forwarded to the Department by Prosecutor Carl Brizzi in a monthly report.

67 people were interviewed in the report and none of them saw any signs Bisard was intoxicated. But the blood draw found his B.A.C. was .19. Bisard declined to be interviewed for the report.

Chief Paul Ciesielski has recommended Bisard be fired, but only the Civilian Merit Board can terminate an officer. The board will not hear the case till the criminal case has been handled.

» Bisard Attorney Speaks on Release of Investigation Report (11-10-10)

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