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Police Release Bisard Emails

Concern With Condiments Before the Fatal Crash


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police have released the emails exchanged by David Bisard and another officer in the final seconds before the fatal crash involving Bisard's patrol car. They show an apparently light-hearted exchange about shirt stains.


As Bisard drove at high speed in response to another officer's call even though that officer indicated no urgency, Officer Joe Maxey typed, "Don't show up with ketchkup & mustard all over your shirt."

"Why not?," asked Bisard.

"It's not tactical," was Maxey's response.

Bisard replied, "It smells good."

"I dare U to show up with a big (expletive deleted) elephant ear," was Maxey's last entry.

It was at about that time that Bisard's patrol car crashed into two motorcycles, killing 30-year-old Eric Wells and injuring two others.

The report on IMPD's internal investigation of the case indicates Bisard told another officer at the scene that he had been using his laptop computer, looked up and the motorcycles were "right there."

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