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Former IMPD Leader Plans To Sue City


A former assistant chief with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department plans to sue the city for slander.


The attorney for Darryl Pierce has notified Mayor Greg Ballard, Public Safety Director Frank Straub and Chief Paul Ciesielski of a pending lawsuit tied to his demotion following the fatal crash involving Officer David Bisard.

Pierce alleges slander, humiliation, loss of income and civil rights violations.

During a news conference about the Bisard case, Straub described Pierce's demotion as a result of failed leadership at the crash scene. But Pierce claims his cell phone records paint a different picture.

The tort claim indicates Pierce spoke with Ciesielski eight different times the day Bisard crashed his squad car into a group of motorcyclists, killing 30-year old Eric Wells. Pierce maintains he only left the scene because he was ordered to attend a mandatory meeting at 1:00 p.m.

Pierce confirms he spoke with Bisard following the crash, but did not see any signs that the officer was drunk.

It's not clear how much money Pierce is seeking in damages.


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