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Economist Estimates Impact if Super Bowl is Canceled


Indianapolis may not have the biggest sporting event in the world after all.  That’s the worst-case scenario, according to one economist following the NFL lockout.

Ball State economist Dr. Michael Hicks says the city would stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

Interview: Dr. Michael Hicks with WIBC's Devon Scott:

Hicks says an estimated $300 million to $350 million in potential revenue would be cut at least in half.  This would also ripple throughout the tourism industry in central Indiana, including hotels, bars, restaurants, and shopping.

Hicks says the work stoppage could also impact future seasons of play, with some players having to make the call as to whether to continue playing.

Several members of the union, including Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, filed suit against the owners in federal court.  At issue is how to divide $9 billion in revenue.

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