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NFL: Indy Will Host 2015 Super Bowl If Lockout Cancels 2012 Game

League, local host committee still working to put game-day plan in place

6/15/2011 photo: Eric Berman
Allison Melangton, NFL Senior VP Frank Supovitz, Mark Miles ( photo: Eric Berman)
Indianapolis has its fingers crossed that a lockout won't cancel next year's Super Bowl -- but the city now knows how long it would have to wait for another chance.

As recently as last month, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Indianapolis would get "serious consideration" for the 2015 Super Bowl if a lockout wipes out the one scheduled for February.
But no one had been definitive until Wednesday, when NFL senior vice president Frank Supovitz confirmed, "It would be our intention to come back as soon as Indianapolis has an expressed capability to host a Super Bowl in an unoccupied year, and 2015 would be the next unoccupied year at the moment."
The 2013 and 2014 Super Bowls have been awarded to New Orleans and New York/New Jersey. That would make Indy's game Super Bowl XLVII instead of Super Bowl XLVI.
NFL owners meet in October to pick the site for the 2015 game. By that time, the league should know whether it can salvage the current season.
While the league negotiates with the officially defunct players' union, the NFL continues to visit Indianapolis monthly to review planning for traffic, security, marketing, and all other aspects of its championship game.
The league will have representatives on hand for the first-ever Big Ten football championship December 3, to watch how Lucas Oil Stadium handles a major event. Supovitz says a sold-out game with fans arriving from out of town will give the league a better sense of how things operate than a regular-season Colts game.
The league will lock in the Super Bowl plan later that month.

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