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City Looking for Approval of Super Bowl Signage


Officials say the signage will resemble that seen during the 2007 NFL Opening Kickoff game
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Officials in Indianapolis are looking to get approval to allow extra signage downtown for the 2012 Super Bowl.
The City-County Council has to approve the ability to use buildings downtown for signage and advertisements. Adam Collins, Code Enforcement License Administrator for Indianapolis, tells 93 WIBC's Ed Wenck on Indy's Afternoon News there wont' be billboards everywhere you look.
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"We're not trying to turn downtown into Times Square. We're just trying to enhance the residents' and visitors' experience during the event and make it someplace that event sponsors want to continue to come," Collins says.
Collins says most of the signage will resemble what was seen in 2007 during the NFL Opening Kickoff game between the Colts and the New Orleans Saints.
Collins says there will be a catch. Those who want to put up signage will have to post a deposit in case they don't take it down and will face ligitation if that happens. Collins says this will ensure that downtown looks the same after the Super Bowl as it did before.
The Council's Rules and Public Policy Committee will meet August 10th to discuss the proposal. If passed, it will go to the full council for consideration.

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