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Tim Durham Files Request to Return to Mansion


( photo: Liz Thomas)
Indianapolis businessman Tim Durham wants to move back into his Fortville mansion.
Attorneys for Durham filed his request to move from his sister's home back to his mansion under seal, but the U.S. Attorney's Office filed an objection Monday that revealed the request.
Court documents show Durham wants to leave his sister’s home because she fears for the safety of her home.
In its objection, the U.S. Attorney's Office argues allowing Durham to live in his more than 20,000-square-foot mansion would be "tantamount to letting him enjoy the fruits of his crime." The office suggests he be given an opportunity to find another place to live if he’s concerned about endangering his sister.
Durham and two of his associates are accused of scamming about 5,000 investors of Ohio-based Fair Financial out of more than $200 million. Some of that money was allegedly used to make improvements to the mansion.
A federal judge hasn’t yet ruled on Durham’s request.

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