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Man Arrested After Handing out Flyers Near School

Flyers called for protest to Franklin Twp. busing policy


A man handing out flyers outside a Franklin Township school was arrested Thursday morning.

69-year-old Robert McEvoy was arrested outside Bunker Hill Elementary School after giving flyers to several parents as they dropped off their kids.

Police say he was asked several times to stop distributing the flyers on school property.  McEvoy then began handing out flyers in the street and was asked several times by school police to not impede traffic.

Police say they asked McEvoy for identification, which he refused, then he allegedly pulled away from the officers as they tried to cuff him.

McEvoy was arrested for refusal to identify, interfering with public travel and resisting law enforcement.

The flyers asked people to visit a website established to protest the busing policy enacted by Franklin Township Schools.

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