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Special Prosecutor Requested in Camm Appeal


David Camm ( file photo)

An Indiana Appeals Court will decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor in the case of a former Indiana State Police trooper accused of killing his wife and two children 11 years ago.


On Tuesday, David Camm's defense team argued that Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson should be removed from the third murder trial.  

Henderson was the lead prosecutor in Camm's second murder trial.

Camm's defense team said during that trial, Henderson hired an agent and signed a deal to write a book about the case.

The deal fell through, but Camm's attorneys said Henderson's desire to publish details of the case compromises the his ability to do his job fairly.

A special judge already ruled against taking Henderson off the case. The prosecutor argued the defense's attempt to remove him is motivated not by ethics, but legal strategy.

Camm has been convicted twice of shooting his wife and their two small children to death of their Georgetown home in September 2000. However, both convictions were overturned.

It's not clear how long it will take the three-judge panel to issue its decision.

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