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Court Clerk Averts Contempt Citation

Supreme Court has been waiting seven months for murder trial transcript


A Warrick County court clerk has narrowly averted a contempt citation from the Indiana Supreme Court.

The high court has been waiting since November for a transcript of the trial of former state trooper David Camm, convicted in the murder of his wife and two children. A fed-up Chief Justice Randall Shepard finally ordered the court clerk to turn in the estimated six-thousand-page transcript by the close of business Monday or face a contempt charge.

Monday is traffic court day in Warrick County, which made the close of business a little later. The clerk's office says the transcript was filed just before seven p-m.

The transcript is needed before Camm can ask the high court to hear his appeal. Now that it's ready, briefs are due by late August.

Camm had already left the state police in 2000 when he allegedly killed his wife Kimberly and their children. His first conviction was thrown out on appeal. Camm is serving a life sentence following a second guilty verdict last March.

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