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High Court Hears Arguments in Ex-Trooper's Murder Case

Defense says it was denied chance to argue co-defendant was a serial rapist


A former state trooper convicted of murdering his family in their Georgetown home has asked the Indiana Supreme Court to throw out his convictions -- for a second time.

The court heard arguments Thursday from David Camm's attorney, who contends the jury was prejudiced by medical testimony that Camm's daughter had been molested. Stacy Uliana also contends she should have been allowed to tell the jury the criminal history of Charles Boney, who was convicted in a separate trial of carrying out the murders.

Uliana contends Boney is a serial rapist who acted alone.

Deputy Attorney General Steve Creason says prosecutors never accused Camm of molesting his daughter, and raised the possibility only in their final rebuttal, after defense lawyers tried to blame that on Boney as well.

Creason argues the evidence of molestation was relevant, and it was up to the jury to decide what logical inferences were justified. That argument drew a skeptical reaction from Justice Frank Sullivan.

"If that's going to be our standard, why have rules of evidence at all? Why not just let everything in and let the chips fall where they may?"

David Camm is serving a life sentence in the murders of his wife Kim and their two children. The Indiana Court of Appeals threw out his first conviction because of testimony Camm had had extramarital affairs.

Camm had left ISP before the killings in 2000.

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