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Chile Rocked By 7.1 Earthquake; Little Damage Reported

Sheridan-native Dan Barkley is a missionary living in Chile, and says the country gets these sort of earthquakes all the time

SANTIAGO, CHILE -- The South American country of Chile was rocked yesterday evening by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake. 

Thankfully no serious damage was reported. Backing up that report is Sheridan, Indiana native Dan Barkley, who is living in Chile right now as a missionary with his wife.

"Chile is really prepared for this kind of seismic activity," Barkley says. "We have it a lot and you kind of get used to it, but once the earth starts shaking, you never know if its going to stop or get worse." 

Geologists with the US Geological Survey say the earthquake's epicenter was located about 85 miles north of the capitol city of Santiago and 22 mile west of coastal city of Valparaiso. 

The USGS says it was the sixth largest tremor ever felt in the region. The strongest earthquake to ever hit Chile happened back in 1960, when a tremor measured at 9.5 caused major damage a left nearly 2-million people homeless.

That is also the largest earthquake ever recorded in the modern era. 


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