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11-Year-Olds Confess to Vandalizing Two Greenwood Businesses

The two boys were turned in by their own parents over the weekend and confessed to vandalizing two Greenwood auto businesses.

GREENWOOD, Ind. -- The culprits behind the vandalism of two Greenwood auto businesses? A pair of 11-year-old boys.

The boys were turned in by their own parents, who dragged them to the Greenwood police station over the weekend and made them confess to vandalizing Kenny's Transmission and Auto Nerd Used Cars. The pair did not admit to another recent vandalism at The Suds drive-in, according to Greenwood Police Officer Courtney Burrello.

Kenny's Transmission manager Ryan Dillman told RTV6 that the preteens did nearly $10,000-worth of damage in two separate attacks.

"One was a convertible and they completely ripped the top off of it, so the whole top of the car will have to be replaced," Dillman said. "Every window, every windshield, every side mirror on all those cars [will have to be replaced]."

Two of the cars damaged belonged to an employee; another belonged to a different manager. Dillman says all three cars will be sold as junk. 

"We would hope that whatever the outcome [is] for these kids through the courts, that their parents at least make them come sweep up the glass," Dillman told RTV6.

The boys are charged with vandalism and will be tried in juvenile court.

(Photo by RTV6.)

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