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On 4/20: Cannabis Oil is Close to Being Legal in Indiana

There are two bills that could be headed to the governor for him to sign them into law.

STATE HOUSE--You may actually see legal cannabis oil used to treat people with epilepsy and other neurological diseases this year in Indiana. But, some people who are pushing for the governor to sign one or both of the bills headed to his desk are worried that some last-minute pushes from the Indiana Prosecutors Assoc. could stop the legislation from becoming law.

Who's trying to stop it

"The games that they're playing, they're ignoring the needs and wants of the patients," said David Phipps, with Higher Fellowship, a group that is advocating for the legalization of pot in Indiana. Phipps said his main concern is seeing the governor sign the cannabis oil bill into law so people who have seizures can be helped.

"They're trying to get last-minute wording changed before it leaves conference to 10 percent minimum of CBD."

The 10 percent factor

Phipps said he believes the Prosecutor's Assoc., or IPAC, is purposely trying to make the wording of the bill so that the prescriptions would be too expensive for most people, adding language that makes the amount of oil at 10 percent concentration, with a THC (the part of hemp that gets you high) at near zero percent.

"It's going to be less accessible for these patients," said Phipps.

It would be much cheaper if the concentration were at five percent for CBD.

"Last-minute word is that they did change the wording to five percent minimum of CBD and it's expected to go to the governor's desk soon.

Phipps said that as a lobbysit, he's met Hoosiers who were giving their kids CBD oil illegally to slow down or stop seizures, and that some kids who could not communicate before were now able.

Phipps said he believes Holcomb will sign the bill, or whatever comes out of conference between the House and Senate versions of the bill. He says if the governor doesn't sign it by June 21, but still doesn't veto it, then it becomes law anyway.

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