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4/20 Rally is About Swaying the Governor to Support Medical Cannabis

It's not about partying and Cheetos, says advocate. It's about helping Hoosiers with pain.

STATE HOUSE--Just because it's 4/20 doesn't mean you can smoke marijuana legally. It's not an amnesty day. But, some people who support medical cannabis will be at a rally outside the governor's mansion to make sure Gov. Holcomb knows they believe he should support it, too.

"What recently seemed impossible is becoming highly probable in the very near future," said David Phipps, who has advocated for medical marijuana with a number of organizations. "I believe we could see legalization of medical cannabis, although limited, I believe we could see it as soon as next general assembly, as hard is that is to believe for some."

He said the reason more people, like Republican Rep. Jim Lucas, of Seymour, are supporting medical marijuana legislation, is that they are more well-studied on the matter.

"The environment within our state house is changing very quickly," said Phipps, in an interview on Abdul-at-Large.

But, the environment is not changing that quickly with top Republicans, like Attorny General Curtis Hill, who wrote several op-eds against medical pot, saying he believes it is a gateway drug and should not be legalized for any reason.

Conversely, CBD oil, which cannot get you high, is now legal for Hoosiers to use to help stop seizures and other ailments.

Phipps believes medical marijuana could be the next step.

"Now that we've presented the information in the right way with professors, people within the veteran community, we're bringing the information in the right way now," he said.

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