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Aaron Bailey Shooting: Termination Recommended For Officers

Chief Roach found that Officers Howard and Dinnsen had insufficient reason to use deadly force, failed to follow training.

INDIANAPOLIS -- In a statement released Monday morning, IMPD Chief Bryan Roach announced his decision in the administrative investigation into the deadly shooting of Aaron Bailey in June.

The administrative investigation considered the findings of the criminal investigation and an internal investigation that focused on "training and/or policy violations which may have contributed to this tragedy", the department said in a statement Monday.

Investigators presented their findings to IMPD's Firearms Review Board on Friday, November 3.

The Board "unanimously concluded that the actions of Officers Carlton Howard and Michael Dinnsen did not comply with IMPD training and policy".

Chief Roach and his staff met Saturday to review the Board's decision and the results of the investigation.

His conclusions were as follows: 

  • Sufficient reason did not exist to believe that deadly force was necessary...nor to believe Mr. Bailey posed a threat of serious bodily injury to the officer or any third person.
  • There was a failure by the officers to apply their training regarding high-risk traffic stops.... By following IMPD training, the officers would have allowed themselves time, distance, cover, and a safer encounter for the officers, Mr. Bailey, and Ms. Ward.
  • We [IMPD] will only use deadly force when necessary to protect the life of a citizen or officer and when other options are not reasonably available. There were other reasonable options available to the officers in this incident.

Based on those conclusions, Chief Roach determined:


Although Mr. Bailey’s reported non-compliance with a lawful order to exit the car and his reported flight contributed to the situation, the officers’ use of deadly force without sufficient reason as outlined in General Order 1.30 – and failure to apply training designed to provide safety for all involved – rises to a level so far removed from accepted professional practice and community expectation that it severely damages public trust of its police department.


Such harm to the public trust requires the separation of the two officers from their employment with IMPD. Effectively immediately, Chief Roach has suspended officers Carlton Howard and Michael Dinnsen and recommends their termination to the Civilian Police Merit Board.

(Photo by JOECHOE16/Thinkstock.)

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