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Aaron Bailey's Family: He Was Shot Four Times, 11 Holes in His Car

IMPD says they are being as transparent as the law allows.

INDIANAPOLIS--The family of Aaron Bailey, the man who was shot and killed by Indianapolis Metro Police, June 29, says he was shot four times and they counted 11 bullet holes in his car. The family was granted access to the car and his autopsy report Thursday morning, and spoke to media Thursday afternoon. 

What the family says

Police have said no weapon was found in Bailey's car. But, they haven't said publicly what went down to make them shoot Bailey. He was pulled over about 2 a.m., and then sped off, causing them to chase him.

The family has asked for a special prosecutor. The Marion County Prosecutor has said he will wait for the results of the investigation before making that decision.

"It's hard sitting here because this is where my brother's life ended," said Bailey's sister, Kimberly Brown, as the family and members of Don't Sleep, a community advocacy group, gathered where Bailey was killed at 23rd and Aquaduct streets.

Aaron can’t tell us what happened that night because of what happened,” said Brown. “Because they murdered my brother, but we're going to get answers and we're going to get justice no matter what.”

“In 42 days we can’t even get a statement from the officers who murdered Aaron Bailey," said Satchuel Cole, Vice President of Don't Sleep. "When you’re wearing a blue uniform justice comes swift and it’s very very stern, but when you’re black or brown skin it comes never at all.”


“Aaron Bailey’s death continues to be a tragic incident for our community and our department," said chief Bryan Roach, in response to the family's statements. "IMPD is committed to being as transparent as the law allows, and upon completion of the ongoing criminal investigation by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, we are prepared to move expeditiously with our own internal review.” 

Roach requested a concurrent FBI investigation.


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