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Allen On the U.S.S. Indianapolis: "We Try to Do These as Tributes"

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire talks about why he funded the mission that found the Indianapolis

PHILLIPINES--The exact location of the wreckage of the U.S. Indianapolis will remain a secret, kept by the Navy and the expedition team that found the heavy cruiser at the bottom of the Philippine Sea, Saturday. But Microsoft co-founder, and billionaire Paul Allen discussed this week why he went led the mission.

"We try to do these as tributes to the brave men who went down on these ships," said Allen. His expeditions have previously located the bell of the HMS Hood, and a Japanese ship called the Musashi.

The Indianapolis was under 18,000 ft. of water, and was located after 72 years, thanks to the work of Dr. Richard Hulver, an historian who found records from a ship whose men sighted the Indianapolis in the area where she was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine.

The majority of the crew of the Indianapolis died in the sinking and the before a rescue four days later. Only 317 people survived. Only 19 of those are alive now.

It was the single largest loss of life for the Navy.

PHOTO: U.S. Navy

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