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Center Grove Elementary Students Arrested for Online Threats

The students were arrested Thursday. It's unclear what punishment they will face.

CENTER GROVE, Ind. -- Two students at Center Grove Elementary School were arrested this week after making a threatening post online.

Center Grove Police Chief Ray Jackson wrote in a letter to parents Thursday night that the threat was discovered on Wednesday and traced to the students with help from local FBI agents.

The students were arrested, questioned and released to their parents.

Chief Jackson says the pair will "face additional consequences", but did not elaborate. It is unclear what, if any, criminal charges the students will face.

"We appreciate all reports of potential concerns we receive from parents and students. Every report is investigated," Jackson wrote. "Please encourage your students to share concerns with a teacher, administrator, Center Grove Police officer, or report online via our SafeSchools Alert anonymous reporting system."

(Photo by Brian A. Jackson/Thinkstock.)

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