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Christmas Tree Shortage Could Mean Fewer Choices, Higher Prices

If you have a specific kind of tree in mind, the time to now.

INDIANAPOLIS -- If a real Christmas tree is a must-have for your family festivities, you might want to think about getting one early this year.

A national Christmas tree "shortage" could lead to fewer trees at higher prices, especially toward the end of the season. The most popular trees -- like the Fraser fir -- might sell out earlier than normal.

The National Christmas Tree Association tells Newsweek magazine that you might want to buy your tree now, especially if you have a particular variety in mind.  If you want to avoid the crowds, visit the tree farm on Thanksgiving Day or on a weekday.

Once you buy your tree, get it into a strong stand don't let it dry out during the holiday season. With regular watering, your tree can last 4-6 weeks or more.

How To Buy a More Fire-Safe Tree

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