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Citizens Energy: Toledo Water Situation Unlikely to Happen in Indy

Citizens Energy says it's unlikely Indianapolis will see a drinking water situation similar to what happened in Toledo, Ohio recently.

The city of Toledo issued a two-day ban on drinking water due to high amounts of blue-green algae in Lake Erie, where the city draws its drinking water.  That ban was lifted Monday morning.  Blue-green algae can create a toxin which has the ability to make those who drink affected water very sick.

Citizens spokesperson Sarah Holsapple says unlike Toledo which draws its drinking water solely from Lake Erie, Indianapolis has multiple water sources from which it can draw its water.  Those sources include the White River, Fall Creek, the Central Canal and Morse, Geist and Eagle Creek Reservoirs.  

Holsapple says if one of those bodies of water was impacted by some type of algae, Citizens would be able to treat it and divert their supply to another body of water or treat it and continue to draw water from that resource.  She says she doesn't know if Indy has seen blue-green algae like Toledo but they have seen other types of algae and have been able to treat the water without problems.

Holsapple says algae can grow because of excess phosphorous levels which can be caused by fertilizers in areas where there is a lot of runoff from lawns into reservoirs.  She says residents can help prevent this by using phosphorous-free fertilizers which can be found in any hardware store.

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