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Columbus City Councilman Banned From Substitute Teaching After Scuffle With Student

Frank Jerome got into a physical struggle with a female high school student who was using her phone in class.

COLUMBUS, Ind.— A Columbus city councilman and substitute teacher was involved in a scuffle with a student Friday at Columbus North High School that resulted in Columbus Police referring the matter to Indiana State Police.

Frank Jerome, a Republican city council member, physically struggled with a student after she did not put away her cellphone.

“In an attempt to retrieve a cell phone, a substitute teacher grabbed a student's arm and the student fell from the chair,” said school spokesperson Larry Perkinson. “No one was injured. The substitute teacher was sent home and will no longer serve in that capacity.”

A School Resource Officer, a member of the Columbus Police Department (CPD), documented the incident, said Perkinson.

 RTV6 was unable to reach Frank Jerome for comment on the incident.

No charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.

Indiana State Police is currently investigating the case, and upon the conclusion of their investigation, the case will be turned over to the prosecutor for review.

Jerome covers District 3, which includes the northeast side of town by Columbus Regional Health and McCulloughs Run Park.

(Photo by Kirikis/Thinkstock.)

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