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Columbus Police Say Goodbye to Beloved K-9 Officer

Officers with the Columbus Police Department said their final goodbyes to a beloved K-9 officer Monday.

Although Blitz had been battling cancer for two years, he left a lasting impression on his fellow officers and the community he served.

"He took a lot of drugs off the street and apprehended a lot of suspects," Sgt. Matt Harris said.

Blitz served the CPD for nearly five years before retiring in 2012. Because of the cancer, it was painful for him to walk. 

"We want to honor his service just as we would any other officer who has put in his time during a career," CPD handler Branch Schrader said.

Before Blitz was euthanized, a small crowd gathered outside the veterinarian's office to say farewell. Blitz and his handler took one more proud, albeit painful walk together.

"They trust everything you are doing for them. You trust them and just all the hours you're with them at work and all the training and time you put into them, it's got to be terrible for the handler to go through it," Schrader said.

To send condolences to Blitz and his handler, leave a message on the memorial Facebook page .

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