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Credit Card Skimmer Found In Columbus, Man Arrested

Police are still searching for two additional suspects.

COLUMBUS, IN – (RTV6) A man was accused of installing a credit card skimmer on an ATM at a bank in Columbus, Indiana this week. 
Detectives with the Columbus Police Department said the skimmer was discovered Sunday evening by a MainSource bank employee while performing routine machine checks. Once officers arrived, they also found a small Bluetooth-operated video camera that was installed above the machine’s key pad, which investigators believe was set up by the suspects to steal PIN numbers from customers.

Surveillance video showed the suspects involved in the act. Police recognized the group as they were allegedly part of a credit card fraud case in the city last week.
Officers later located one of the suspects at a Columbus hotel where he was arrested on preliminary charges of possession of a card skimming device and possession of a false government identification card. 

In the hotel, detectives found an “extensive amount” of card skimming equipment. Police are still searching for two additional suspects.

Anyone with information on this case should call the Columbus Police Department at (812) 376-2600.


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