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Daleville Police Department Cameras Reduce Discrepancies

There are conflicting stories about what transpired in the moments before, during and after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Many believe the holes in the information could be filled if the Ferguson officers were equipped with body cameras like the ones used in the rural Indiana town of Daleville.

Maj. Jason Hicks is outfitted with one of the cameras while he does regular patrolling. The camera is lightweight and is clipped to his uniform. It costs around $500.

When officers go on a run, they must turn the camera on. If they do not they are subject to disciplinary action

There has been civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri because citizens don't necessarily believe police accounts of the shooting of 18-year-old Brown.

"Right now there are only two people who know what happened in Ferguson. With a body camera it would show everything that actually happened," Daleville Police Department Chief James King said.

"It does capture what has occurred and it will lessen the discrepancies as to who did what or what happened when police interact with citizens," citizen Andrea Johnson said.

The police cameras have been deployed since April. The department currently has seven of the cameras, but more are on order.

The cameras were purchased using a federal homeland security grant.

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