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Donnelly Says He Hopes to Get to "Yes" on Tax Reform, But Has Concerns

Sen. Donnelly says he has a lot of unanswered questions on what he describes as a "two-page outline, not a bill".

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly is getting a little more specific about what it would take to get his vote for tax reform.

Donnelly attended President Trump's Indianapolis speech last week to unveil his proposal. Trump displayed both carrot and stick at that event, saying he expected Donnelly would support the plan, but warning that if he doesn't, "we'll come after him like you won't believe" in next year's election.

The Democratic senator says he hopes to get to yes, but says he has a lot of unanswered questions about what he notes is still just a two-page outline, not a bill.

He says he wants a bill that saves money for middle-class families. Trump says it will, but several analysts have questioned that claim -- and without knowing the dividing lines between the brackets, it's hard to say for sure.

Donnelly says one provision, the proposed repeal of a tax deduction for what you pay in state and local taxes, would cost the average Hoosier $8,700. He notes Republicans are already suggesting that idea might be dropped from the final plan.

And, Donnelly notes he's already spoken directly to Trump about their mutual calls for steps to encourage businesses to keep jobs in the US.

(Photo by Eric Berman/WIBC.)

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