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Dying Man Hits Porch While Trying to Get to the Hospital

The man was screaming he'd been shot, but couldn't get the name of the person who shot him out before he died.

EVANSVILLE, Ind.--A man who had been shot and was trying to drive himself to the hospital didn't make it last night in Evansville. Instead the man hit the porch of a home on Washington Ave., with his car, and screamed that someone had shot him.

He lost consciousness soon after paramedics got there. But, he was able to tell them that he did not know who had shot him. 

One man who spoke with media said it was his house that was hit.

"He just screamed out 'I got shot', and he tried to get out of the car so we held him down until the police got here," said the man. "We noticed the back passenger side window was shot out and he had blood all over the front seat."

He said he and other people who saw what happened had to put the car in park because the man's foot was on the gas.

"He just screamed out he got shot. It seemed like that was his last breath to let us know that he got shot."

The man died at St. Vincent Hospital.

The man did not tell them his name before he lost consciousness. The people inside the house said when the car hit the porch it felt like an earthquake.

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