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Family Disgusted By Slave Shackles Found at Covered Bridge Festival

Linda Wann says she normally enjoys going to the festival, but not this year.

PARKE COUNTY, Ind-A family in Parke County is angry after they said they found slave shackles for sale at the Covered Bridge Festival. 46-year-old Linda Wann was with her 22-year-old son Jamario and his girlfriend when they spotted the shackles at one of the vendor counters. The shackles said "Property of Georgetown County Plantation Police" and "Negro Woman or Child Only." 

"I was disgusted," said Wann. "I seen the slave chains and I couldn't believe they were for sale. I picked one of the cuffs and it had something to do with belonging to a plantation. The other chain I picked up said it was for a negro woman or child."  

Jamario confronted the vendor about why they were selling those items. 

"They said they would continue to do it. They said they got the chain from down south. I'm not sure exactly what that means or if they were local," Jamario said. 

Other attendees at the festival had varying opinions. 

"I don't believe that seems to be very proper. I think it's deplorable," said Elisa Aguilera Hollis. 

An 18-year-old performer at the festival said he will continue to support the vendor. 

"If you don't agree with slavery, don't buy it. Then eventually I believe humanity will fix itself," said William Lowe. 



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