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Fort Wayne City Clerk: Mayor Retaliated After Parking Ticket

Lana Keesling is accusing Mayor Tom Henry of "petty, partisan, and sexist" actions that are an "abuse of power".

FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- Fort Wayne City Clerk Lana Keesling says Mayor Tom Henry has bullied and harassed over a $100 parking ticket he received for driving a city-owned vehicle with expired tags.

Henry's car was ticketed last Tuesday for having a temporary license plate that expired on December 24, reports The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

Keesling, who is also the city's Director of Parking Enforcement, says she chose to enforce the ticket as she would do for any other citizen.

 In turn, she claims, Henry retaliated by verbally harassing her and revoking her reserved parking space.

"He believes he holds all the power in this building and can retaliate against another elected official and against a woman," she said at a press conference Monday. "...To retaliate against me by taking away my parking spot is petty, partisan, sexist and an abuse of power."

In a statement issued Monday, mayoral spokesman John Perlich said the mayor was "disappointed by the ticket" but insisted the issue was simply a "disagreement" between two city officials: 

"Mayor Henry and City Clerk Keesling have had a positive working relationship since she became clerk. This most recent situation involving a parking a disagreement between Mayor Henry and Clerk Keesling. We do not see this as an abuse of power situation. Both are committed public servants," Perlich said.

Keesling said Henry could have avoided the "recent situation involving a parking ticket" by not driving a vehicle with expired tags.

Instead, she claims, the mayor is "using his power to  his power to harass, threaten, retaliate and create a hostile environment".

The Mayor has not personally offered comment on the situation. The license plate on his city-owned vehicle is now up-to-date. 

Lana Keesling's parking spot remains assigned to someone else.

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