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Four People Arrested In Drug Smuggling Conspiracy At Johnson County Jail

Investigators say the four smuggled meth to inmates at the Johnson County Jail

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. -- Four people were arrested after trying to smuggle drugs into the Johnson County Jail, police said.

The investigation began on Oct. 25 when members of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office heard noticed a video where an inmate said he was somebody else in a visit. 

Police say David Creasey, Lyle Greene and an unnamed person were all cellmates at one point. They also knew Briannan Severado and Kyle Godbold. One member of the sheriff's office learned drugs made their way into the jail, and another drugs deal was about to take place.

Police believe one of those people would obtain a "thick card," and put meth inside it. In one of the videos where the inmates allegedly discussed the card of meth, Severado's 4-year-old child was visible. 

Police went to the Franklin Post Office and obtained the card. It tested positive for meth.

Severado, Godbold, Creasey and Greene were arrested for their participation in the scheme.


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