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The "Franklin Township Creeper" is in Trouble Again

He violated the terms of his probation.

INDIANAPOLIS -- A man known as the “Franklin Township creeper” is in trouble with the law yet again.

Weston Gray was arrested November 15 and October 30 for allegedly violating the terms of his probation.

He pleaded guilty to residential entry and battery and was sentenced to a year of home detention on GPS monitoring, as well as an additional year-and-a-half on probation – also including GPS monitoring.

Gray was arrested in 2016 following accusations he had peered into people’s homes and broken into at least one of them.

Records show after being released from jail following the October probation violation, probation officers searched Gray’s residence on November 14 and discovered an iPad and a Dell laptop that were not reported to probation and were not being monitored.

On the iPad, officers discovered a 23-minute pornographic video, and that Gray had been using Skype to send messages to an unknown woman.

Gray said he did not know the password to the laptop, and officers were unable to search the device.

Gray was allowed to use the internet for employment purposes only, but when officers searched his cellphone, they discovered he had accessed Facebook under the name “Wes Gray.”

Officers also found four beers in Gray’s fridge, a bottle of vodka in the freezer, and a case of beer in the garage as well.

Gray denied consuming the alcohol and said he keeps it for friends who come to visit.

Probation records show Gray was not allowed to leave Marion County without permission from his assigned Community Supervision manager.

But according to Gray’s GPS monitoring, he was in Bloomington on November 9 from 5:55 p.m. to 10:39 p.m.

Gray’s attorney, Brad Banks, declined to comment to Call 6 Investigates Friday.

A probation violation hearing is scheduled for November 28 at 1:30 p.m., and Gray is scheduled to begin sex offender treatment on November 29.

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