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Gun Guy on Constitutional Carry: Will It Get Lost in the Noise at the State House?

Guy Relford talks about the bill, which could be obscured by other issues.

STATE HOUSE--You may not be hearing much about the Constitutional Carry bill that could be going through the General Assembly. That would make it legal for you to carry a handgun without a license, which "Gun Guy", gun rights attorney Guy Relford, says is already your 2nd Amendment right.

The bill still has a long way to go, and has failed in previous sessions, thanks to some strong opposition from police chiefs associations.

"If someone were to ask me to bet the mortgage on whether Constitutional Carry will this year get a hearing in the House, specifically in the Public Policy Committee, I would vote yes, it will get a hearing," said Relford, who testified twice over the summer, when the proposed bill was in a summer study committee.

Relford said he believes if it made it out of that committee, then it would pass the House. He said the question then would be if if it would get a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"So in a 'short session', what I do not want to see happen is them to say, gosh we've got Sunday sales...there's a lot out there (medical marijuana) and we just don't know whether we're gonna have a chance to get to Constitutional Carry," said Relford.

He added that he believes if legislators say that, and it's skipped, then it will be on gun owners and people who did not hold their lawmakers accountable.

"That'll be on our Republican leadership in both the House and the Senate if we allow that to happen. But, it'll be on us. It'll be on the Indiana gun owner."

He said if you support Constitutional Carry, you should contact Speaker of the House Brian Bosma, and state Rep. Ben Smaltz, the Republican chair of the House Public Policy Committee.

"Most importantly, your elected representatives-I would say call, right now, your elected representatives," said Relford.

The opposition believes being able to carry a handgun without a license would allow crooks to have gun without consequences. Relford points out that it would still be illegal for felons or people who have domestic violence or mental health issues to have a gun.

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