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Heroin "Delivery Man" Busted in Muncie

Police found a bag containing 163 capsules of heroin under Rodre Blackburn's scrotum Tuesday afternoon.

MUNCIE, Ind.--When Muncie police asked Rodre Blackburn if he was dealing heroin, he laughed--but he didn't laugh for long.

The Muncie Star-Press says Blackburn--who invited an officer to search him and his car--had a bag containing 163 heroin capsules under his scrotum. Officers searched his belongings and found other bags containing cocaine and marijuana.

Blackburn, who lives in Richmond, told police he delivers a few hundred capsules of heroin "every few days" to several people in Muncie. When asked to identify who supplies him with the heroin, he refused, saying only that the person is a "big wig" in Richmond.

Blackburn was originally pulled over Tuesday afternoon for a traffic violation.

He's being held without bond in the Delaware County Jail.

(Photo by spaxiax/Thinkstock.)

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