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How Your Deer Could Help Make More Than 240,000 Meals

Meat is one of the toughest commodities for food banks to come by, but one organization is doing it with the help of hunters.

STATE WIDE--You're being given a chance to help feed hungry Hoosiers, if you're a deer hunter. Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry will take a deer that you kill, process the meat, and help provide a meal-well, thousands of meals this year. 

"We try to get the hunters to get an additional deer every year and donate it," said Deb Treesh, with Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry. "We'll take care of the processing fees. It'll get ground up and we'll give it to the hunger relief agencies within the community." 

Treesh, a guest on Indiana Outdoors with Bryan Poynter, said 85 butcher shops in Indiana are participating this year. 

"They give us a discount and they don't charge you at all. You're gonna help a lot of people," she said. 

If you are able to donate a deer, you'll be helping provide a rare commodity to food banks. 

"The food banks-they say that meat is the hardest commodity for them to get and that is a void that we are trying to help." 

You can find a list of the butcher shops at . 

"We started Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry in 2011 and it has grown from just a few deer to last year, we had almost 1,100 deer and 6,000 lbs. of meat, about 240,000 meals. 

She said the money for the processing comes from the Sportsman's Benevolence Fund, through the Dept. of Natural Resources.

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