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If You're Here for Gen Con 50, Welcome, But Traffic Rules Are the Same

93 WIBC observed several dangerous traffic violation yesterday with people walking

INDIANAPOLIS--Welcome to Indianapolis, if you're here for GenCon 50, or for any other reason. But, the same traffic rules apply here as in your hometown. That means jaywalking is illegal and dangerous.


93WIBC observed several dangerous and illegal traffic happenings Thursday evening, as people were finding restaurants and getting to their hotels. Some people walked right out into the middle of Illinois St., in an area where there were no traffic signals, and where there were cars coming.

At the intersection of Illinois and Maryland, several people walked in front of traffic, disregarding the "Don't Walk" signs. 

Time in the hospital is no way to spend your Gen Con adventure in Indy.

Why they're here (Madyson McGill contributed to this report)

The people who are here for Gen Con are here because they're into gaming.

"I like board gaming. I like seeing all the vendors and getting the good deals. That's what I'm here for, said Dave Kantor, of Burbank, Ill. "I walked out with a bag withing 15 minutes of walking in. So, I've already spent a little bit of money."

"I got to go in an hour early and it was madness," said Christine Hamilton, of Columbus, Ohio. "It was like we collectively lost our minds. We bought like eight games in one hour. It was amazing."

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis

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