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Indiana Details Jobless Numbers Around The State

Marion County has the 33rd highest jobless rate. Vermilion County has the highest rate, LaGrange County the lowest.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has revealed the latest statewide unemployment numbers. 

Indiana's unemployment rate sat at 3.2 percent throughout the month of May, with 107,663 eligible workers going jobless. The state's unemployment rate was 0.4 percent lower than it was in April (seasonally adjusted).

The state has provided additional detail about the numbers, providing more insight on how individual counties are faring. Preliminary numbers show the county with the highest unemployment rate is Vermillion County at 4.2 percent. The counties with the lowest are LaGrange, Dubois and Adams Counties at 2.0 percent. 

Of other notable counties, Marion County has the 33rd highest jobless rate at 2.9 percent. Elkhart County, which saw unemployment struggles in the past, has the fourth lowest jobless rate of 2.1 percent--a record low for the county.

Highly-populated Allen County has an unemployment rate of 2.6 percent, which ranks them 53rd. Vanderburgh County is slightly higher, at 2.7 percent.

The Department of Workforce Development says the state added 2,500 private sector jobs last month, with private sector employment growing by more 36,100 over the past year. 

The national jobless rate is 4.3-percent


Indiana Department of Workforce Development Unemployment Map:

(PHOTO: WIBC Stock Library/Map by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.)

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