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Indiana DNR: Don't Plant Any More Bradford Pears

The DNR says though they are a pretty landscaping tree, they are also invasive and are crowding out more important native Indiana trees.

STATEWIDE -- You may think an ornamental pear tree looks good in your front yard, but the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is asking you not to plant them.

The DNR says the trees, also known as the Bradford Pear, are so popular among Hoosiers that they are crowding out trees that are native to Indiana.

It's for that reason that DNR Director of Entomology & Plant Pathology Megan Abraham is asking you to avoid planting the invasive trees.

“Over time, different varieties of pear have cross-pollinated in our urban areas, allowing them to rapidly spread into our natural resources,” said Abraham. "You see these trees along the sides of highways and roads in the early spring. They're often white, flowery trees."

Abraham says that Bradford Pears are structurally weaker and can be more easily damaged during a strong storm. 

If you are still in the market for a flowering tree, the DNR recommends that you use trees that are native to Indiana. They say the best option would be the Eastern Redbud, which grows quickly and has lavender flowers in the spring.

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