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Indiana Family and Social Services Secretary Resigning

Debra Minott ( photo: Eric Berman)

Governor Pence's office says Indiana's Family and Social Services secretary is resigning.

Debra Minott has headed FSSA since Governor Pence took office a year-and-a-half ago. Her departure comes as the agency gears up for a planned expansion of the Healthy Indiana Plan.

“I have appreciated the opportunity to serve FSSA and the taxpayers of Indiana for the past 17 months," said Minott in a statement Monday. "We have all worked together to re-establish FSSA as an integrated, collaborative agency.  I will be transitioning out of my role as Secretary over the next month or so and look forward to working with the Governor’s office to ensure an orderly transition to new leadership.”

Minott conducted a town meeting on the plan hours before news of her exit seeped out.

Pence's office so far is saying little beyond confirming plans for a change -- a one-line statement says the governor holds Minott "in the highest regard."

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