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Indiana Farmers Watch for White House's Next Move on Trade

Ag secretary offered reassurance on state fair visit, but unclear whether his views will prevail or not

Indiana farmers have an apprehensive eye on the Trump administration's efforts to renegotiate trade agreements.

Indiana Farm Bureau president Randy Kron says American farmers produce more than they could possibly sell within the U.S. -- they have to have export markets. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told farmers at the state fair this week he "has the president's ear" and has been stressing the importance of farm exports in any trade deal. Kron says he doesn't doubt Perdue's sincerity, but says he can't tell whether those assurances are enough to sway administration policy or not.  

President Trump killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, after President Obama couldn't nail down enough votes to ratify it. And the administration is talking with Canada and Mexico about changes to NAFTA.

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