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Indy Remembers Martin Luther King, Calls on Residents to Continue His Work

Carson: Civil rights icon would be disappointed by much of today's policy debates

(INDIANAPOLIS) - A call to carry on Martin Luther King's mission of equality, at Indy's annual celebration of Martin Luther King Day.

About 70 people, well below past years' turnout, braved snow and chilly temperatures for the event at the Madame Walker Theatre.

Speakers celebrated King's life while reminding audience members the dream of equality isn't complete, and will require everyone's active participation to achieve.

Congressman Andre Carson says King would be disappointed at much of today's Washington, from Congress's failure to renew the Children's Health Insurance Program to the just-passed tax cut, which he charges will benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor. penalize the poor. He urged audience not to let disillusionment keep them from working for change. He says King would tell them the struggle for equality is a never-ending one.

Mayor Joe Hogsett says Americans are at odds in part because the country still needs to come to grips with its history, in which the end of slavery was followed by decades of institutionalized discrimination. He reminded audience members of King's words that people have not just a right but a duty to be free, and says society can't rest until that duty is fulfilled.

(Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

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