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Indy Tenderloin Week is Finally Here!

You can grab Indiana's signature sandwich for just $5 this week at a number of local restaurants.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana doesn't have an official "State Food", but if it did, it might very well be the pork tenderloin sandwich.

The pork tenderloin likely arrived in Indiana by way of German immigrants, who brought a dish called wiener schnitzel to the Hoosier state in the 19th Century. 

Wiener schnitzel, like the tenderloin Hoosiers know and love, is (usually) breaded and pan-fried. But, unlike its Hoosier cousin, wiener schnitzel uses veal instead of a tenderloin.

The first person to sell a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich was Nick Freinstein of Huntington, who started selling the sandwiches from his food cart in 1908.

Now, 108 years later, the tenderloin -- be it grilled, breaded, or fried -- has a food week all their own: Indy Tenderloin Week!

From April 23 - 29, you can buy a $5 tenderloin at more than 30 different Indy-area restaurants.

Participating restaurants include:

  • 317 Burger
  • Barbecue and Bourbon
  • Dawson's on Main & Dawson's Too
  • Grindstone Charley's
  • Ram Restaurant & Brewery
  • Sahm's Place/Sahm's Tavern/Sahm's West Clay
  • Stacked Pickle
  • Whit's Inn (New Whiteland)

Check out the full list at

(Photo by Picasa/Thinkstock.)

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